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DAK's BBQueen Salt Free Spice Blend

Who doesn't need a good BBQ rub? Made in the spirit of Memphis style dry rub, this rub gives meat a crunchy, flavorful coating without any salt.

INGREDIENTS: Paprika, Dehydrated garlic, Ancho Pepper, Mustard, Black Pepper, Spices, Celery, Less than 2% Silicon Dioxide added as an anti-caking agent. NET WT 2.0 OZ

USES Use as a dry rub for pork, ribs, chicken, or brisket Add to wet marinade Add to BBQ sauce for an extra kick Rub on the outside of hamburgers for a spicy, crunchy coating Sprinkle generously on bacon before cooking Use to flavor baked sweet potatoes. Add brown sugar, a pat of butter, and sprinkle with the seasoning.

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