When Drew and Karen met, Drew’s (the D in DAK’s) his diet consisted with beer and pizza.  Fortunately, Karen (you guessed it, the “K” in DAK’s) came to the rescue with healthy meals that curbed his cravings.  Her secret weapon??? SPICE BLENDS!!!

Karen created her own spice blends a number of years ago for her friends and family, many who have cardiac problems or high blood pressure.  Drew could not believe how tasty Karen’s cooking was and knew they must share this with others. That was the start of DAK’s Spices.


DAK’s is all natural, salt free, MSG free, and gluten free. DAK’s contains no preservatives or additives. DAK’s is made only of high quality spices and herbs.  You will be amazed by how much flavor is one bottle.  


DAK’s adds flavor to a wide variety of foods including popcorn, poultry, pasta, meat, veggies, seafood, sandwiches, salads, eggs, potatoes, casseroles, soups, and stews.  DAK’s can be used in every meal, every dish where you would use table salt to add a burst of flavor.  DAK’ also makes an excellent grilling rub and can be quickly turned into a marinade or dressing.  Keep a bottle in your kitchen or on your tabletop, and you’ll have the perfect seasoning for all your meals.


DAK’s is loved by health conscious consumers of all ages.   These spices especially appeal to individuals: who follow specific diets like clean eating or Paleo diets; who are trying to lose weight; who are on restricted sodium diets due to cardiac or kidney issues; and who have gluten or dairy intolerances. Let’s be honest, most of us would benefit from eating diets lower in salt.  Busy cooks also love adding the DAK’s because it saves time and takes the guess work out of seasoning meals.

Now it is time to throw out the salt and start ADDING THE DAK’s

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